Nostalgia Chest

A chest of nostalgia. Be a 90s kid again. 😊

Hi, Product Hunters! We're very excited to give you first access to a service that's near and dear to our hearts. Nostalgia Chest offers rare 90s toys, snacks, and school supplies in convenient collections that inspire the warm feeling only nostalgia can deliver. Choose a Chest and travel back in time to the playground, the neighborhood park, the classroom, or the birthday party you so fondly remember. We worked countless nights and weekends to launch this service for the Holidays. We hope that visiting our store reminds you of a cherished memory from your childhood. And if you’re so inclined, we’re offering Product Hunters a 20% OFF code (PRODUCTHUNT) good for any purchase. I’ll be on PH all day to answer any questions you may have, and to meet fellow nostalgia geeks like myself! Thank you, and COWABUNGA!