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KyleHunter@kyledewitt_ · Founder, NOSCOPE
I'm really excited to share, what we think is the most advanced analytics tool for Twitch - NOSCOPE. We're in private beta right now, but already we've become an integral part of teams at Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom, SteelSeries, 505 Games and more. The product is built for game developers, publishers, influencer marketers, broadcasters and anyone who needs to make Twitch data actionable.
Zach Swetz
Zach Swetz@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
This is a great idea for a product in a big time growing space! Any examples of metrics? I didn't see any on the home page.
KyleHunter@kyledewitt_ · Founder, NOSCOPE
@swetzequity Definitely - metrics are looked at in 3 buckets - Channel, Game and Campaign / Team metrics. You can see some samples here:
Leon Hitchens
Leon Hitchens@leonhitchens · Digital Marketing Strategist
Amazing tool that lets me understand twitch viewers