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Thanks Charlie for the hunt! Hey Product Hunters! I've always wanted a CRM/Deal tracking tool that catered to a solo-entrepreneur like myself. Something without all the bloat that team orientated systems bring, I have no one to assign a lead to for example, just me. I also wanted a way to get help from professionals when I needed it, who could help me get past my roadblock and close the deal. North makes tracking your deals enjoyable, it's laser focused on the tasks at hand and wont let you leave a deal behind. When you get stuck, there is a stable of professionals to help assist with moving the deal forward. There's some exciting things planned for North in the coming few weeks and I'd love if you checked it out. I'm happy to help out if you have any questions! Cheers! Lee
sounds interesting for a very large and growing market - would love to see a video that outlines how deals are tracked, how leads are captured and so on...couldn't find any detailed screenshots or stuff like that
@passingnotes Hey David, Thanks for the feedback. A video is something that I hope to put together early next week, I'm working with someone right now to nail down a script then I'll get it produced. As for how leads are captured, the user enters the info about the deals themselves, though the fields required are refreshingly sparse. Deal tracking works by keeping your most important deal tasks at the top and forces you to plan your next action before completing the current one. It's opinionated in a good way, it follows a sales funnel plan that works for solo entrepreneurs by understanding their needs for sales tracking.
Interesting. What's the product like on Integrations? Eg Zapier support? I think Customer/Marketing automation even for solo-preneurs is a huge area right now, and so anything -- especially something like a CRM -- has to "play nice" with other tools. Also, what about reports and the ability to export data to a BI tool for analysis?
@khurammalik I love APIs and the end goal is to have many integrations plus a solid API that others can play with. Right now, I'll roll out integrations as users request them, seems to be the easiest order to tackle them. At my previous startup integrations were key and I'm very aware of how they can help grow the app. It's just the chicken and egg problem, which I feel is easiest approached by rewarding the users who are using your product with the things they need and love first. If there an specific integration that you'd like to have?
@thatleeguy Thanks for responding. The two that come to mind (after the obvious email integration) are 1. AutoPilot for marketing automation and 2. Amazon Redshift or SQL Export so that all CRM data can be pushed into something like Microsoft's Power BI