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#1 Product of the DayJune 27, 2017
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Julia Enthoven
Julia EnthovenMakerHiring@juliaenthoven · CoFounder of Kapwing
Hi all! Big thanks to Andrew for the hunt! 🚀🚀 Excited to launch Normal Software, a website about software in businesses outside of tech. Take a look to get some ideas, find new interesting problems, and learn from cool entrepreneurs in other industries 😸😸 eric and I had a lot of fun talking to a walnut farmer and pillow maker and many more in the last couple of weeks - hope you enjoy! Happy normal needfinding 💭 Julia and Eric
Matt Dominici
Matt Dominici@mattydom · Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships
@juliaenthoven cool site - like a Siftery for non-tech, with some extra stories behind the companies. I feel like someone could even dive down deeper, specifically targeting the restaurant/quick service industry!!!
Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO,
Such a cool concept! Thanks for taking the time to build this. Sometimes it feels like tech is in its own little world, but with this it'll be easier to explore a new planet filled with "normal" humans. We come in peace. 👽
Eric Lu
Eric LuMakerHiring@realericlu · Aspiring entrepreneur
@imakestrides thanks Kyle! Julia and I definitely feel that there is a disconnect between the tech bubble and the world that many of these businesses operate in. And these businesses do as well! It was really fun for us to work to bridge the gap. Glad you like it!
Angus@angus_halen · Founder,
This is fantastic. I agree that developers and people in the tech sphere can sometimes be blind to really normal, "boring" every day problems. Great stuff!
Eric Lu
Eric LuMakerHiring@realericlu · Aspiring entrepreneur
@angus_halen awesome, thanks for the positive feedback Angus! What was your favorite post?
Ben Easton
Ben Easton@the_beaston · Developer, Entrepreneur, Health
There are things 'outside of tech'.....? 🤔
Eric Lu
Eric LuMakerHiring@realericlu · Aspiring entrepreneur
@the_beaston haha we weren't so sure either before making this! 😉
Ihecci Mercy
Ihecci Mercy@ihecci · Strit Solutions
Eric Lu
Eric LuMakerHiring@realericlu · Aspiring entrepreneur
@ihecci Thanks Ihecci! Glad you enjoyed it! Do you have any feedback on how we could improve the posts?