Non-invasive device to stop snoring & start sleeping better

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I know plenty of people who would pay solid money for an elegant solution to stop their snoring (or their partner's snoring). The idea is to detect snores with a microphone & inflate an under-pillow insert to move the snorer's head slightly so they stop snoring without waking up. No need to change your pillow or put something on your nose/face! But the real question is whether slight shift in head position will be effective enough to silence the intense snorers who would most want to pay for this.
@ecetweets Hi Ece, Thanks for hunting us. ;) Your description of the product is succinct and spot on. To answer your question, the effectiveness of Nora is not linked to the loudness of the snore. Nora prevents a loud snore, rather than respond to it. The slight movement Nora creates is the same for all users, and it starts at the onset of a snoring episode. Meaning, Nora listens and reacts before a partner is woken up by the snore. We can do that because Nora is more sensitive than the human ear. Thanks again for sharing. We get a lot of our inspiration from Product Hunt.
I'm intrigued! And yes, I wonder if the movement of the head is enough. I'd think it'd have to be quite a jolt to reset a snorer. I'd love to see hear customer feedback.
@jacqvon Hey Jacq, check out our tester's feedback right on the Kickstarter page, right under "The Experience". Let me know what you think.