Share how long you can last without using your phone

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Haha I love it... This is genius... My mom is going to be #1 of your leaderboard!
Great product but come on @rrhoover 37 seconds??? Lol
I like bens works. turning bits of real life pain points/ entertainment into products. reminds me of @forestapp_cc
Downloaded - such a fab idea!!
Hi all! We're trying to gamify NOT using your phone for a bit. Looks a little silly in appearance, but fundamentally, aren't you annoyed when your friends spend 25% of dinner on their phones? NOPHONEZONE lets you "show off" on social media when you're OFFLINE. We wanted to create a super simple product to raise the question: Are we too addicted to our phones? Is this a problem worth trying to solve? Let me know what you all think :) Sent from my iPhone :o
@bencera_ Interesting idea! Have a policy with friends at dinner, whoever checks their phone first pays the bill.
@walterareid @bencera_ yes i love that one too!