Food discovery based on your nutrition & dietary preferences

Nootry helps you discover healthy food at restaurants and college campuses. Find dishes after entering your allergens, any diets you follow, and your nutrition preferences.

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Hi PH! I'm super excited to launch Nootry here and share updates with everyone. This is my first company and first product I've ever launched, so I'm super stoked! So, so what do we do? We help people discover healthy food at restaurants and college campuses. How our product works: 🥕 Set preferences 📍 Find healthy dishes nearby 🍽 Get recommendations We've currently launched at Virginia Tech and launching at the following in the next month: Purdue Yale Princeton Columbia NYU UCLA UCSD Let us know if you want your college or alma mater on Nootry, and we'll try to launch there for Spring 2019. In addition, we have roughly 700 of the largest chains in the U.S. on our app. Discovery delicious and healthy food at nearby restaurants, or you can search for a particular chain and check out their menu! Would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, or any other comments/questions! Thanks, Eshan
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