Nootrodog by Birdnip

World's first nootropic for dogs

It was only a matter of time before someone applied the innovations in biohacking to man, and woman's, best friend, the dog 🐶 Birdnip is on a mission to improve your dog's health, memory and longevity.

Hi @abadesi thanks for the hunt! I know Product Hunt is a 😸 community but hope there's still some love for our canine friends ha 😅 Our first product, Nootrodog, is a 100% human grade all natural nootropic designed for dogs. It has been designed for taste and optimized for performance. The ingredients used have been backed by countless research studies. What we are seeing as an overarching trend in the pet industry is ingredients and methods related to health and wellness are directly translating to our animals. Nootrodog has been engineered to increase a dog’s memory, promote mental clarity and strengthen overall cognitive health. It helps combat stress, increases blood flow to the brain, and can also aid in the natural aging process of dogs. --- As for the story and mission here: Modern day humans now carry the world’s information inside our pocket, we’re healthier than ever, and living longer than any other time in history. While we as humans have evolved leaps and bounds and continue to push ourselves to daily excellence; our canine companions haven’t quite had the opportunity to make that same leap. We believe dogs are the smartest animals on Earth and one we as humans have the greatest immediate connection with. Dogs, like humans, bond through eye contact. They are incredibly empathetic creatures able to sense feelings, emotions and moods in the room. They know we are family. You can spend hours watching and interacting with your dog learning more about their personality every minute. Nootrodog helps improve the cognitive experience. If you were a dog, wouldn’t you crave more from this life?– To learn quicker, to sense greater, to understand the world as we know it in a more colorful palette. To bond with your human in new ways, to grow closer together, to feel your best and most creative every day. Dogs helped early humans survive through hunting alongside them. To move forward, we’ll need to turn to them once again.
@abadesi @mikegalvez All the science and rational stuff didn't convince me. What actually convinced me was this sentence: 'If you were a dog, wouldn’t you crave more from this life?' - I like this marketing angle better.
@abadesi @mikegalvez I don't mind experimenting with Nootropics on myself, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable giving them to my dog.
TBH, the nootropics industry feels like a lot of snake oil. I don't know enough about the space or Nootrodog to judge but I'm curious what evidence or case studies you can share of its impact, @mikegalvez.
@rrhoover @rossdcurrie Hi Ryan and Ross, thanks for your comments / feedback hope you all are doing well! We only use 100% human grade ingredients which we have highlighted on our page here: For sure, nootropics are definitely in the early stages of what we know and what we will eventually be capable of but we're excited to join the conversation and help push the science and industry forward.
Hi @mikegalvez please tell us more about the Birdnip story, I'd particularly love to know more about the science behind this 🤓 Thanks
@mikegalvez @abadesi and then there was silence
@abadesi Hi Abadesi! Thanks again for the hunt. Excited to be featured on PH. Replied to your comment up top :-) 🐶👩‍🔬👨‍🔬
@mikegalvez yes noticed @rrhoover was thinking the same as me! Thanks