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For PRODUCT HUNT fam, we're offering a special 10% discount for today only so y'all can give it a spin. Just follow the link through PH :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I reviewed my last blood panel a couple years, I had a healthy bill of health EXCEPT for a steep deficiency in Vitamin D. I shouldn't have been surprised since I'm indoors all the time, don't get enough sunlight, and it's near impossible to consistently consume enough Vitamin D through diet alone. My mom bought me a bunch of Vitamin D pills but they were all low-quality or weren't stacked with the right complimentary components. For example, the active form of Vitamin D is D3 and not D2, and it's a fat-soluble compound and needs to be consumed with fat for optimal absorption[1]. Another facet of supplementation I was looking into was getting consistent Omega-3 especially DHA (which is associated with cognitive function). Omega 3's are fatty acids, which would stack well with D, plus has interesting synergistic effects together on serotonin pathways[2]. Vitamin K stacks well with Vitamin D, and astaxanthin found in krill oil rounds out the stack. Lastly, purity, and heavy metal contamination have always been a lurking issue with fish-derived supplements because of worsening ocean pollution. I don't want lead, arsenic, cadmium, or mercury in my inputs. So with all the expertise with supply chain and manufacturing my team and I gained through developing nootropic stacks, I wanted to solve this personal issue for myself and a lot of modern intellectual workers like myself. KADO-3 was born (Vitamin K, Astaxanthin, Vitamin D, Omega-3). I'm proud to say we actually independently test and reject raw inputs that don't match our standards i.e. our stack tests for <0.01 ppm for lead, 0.3 ppm for arsenic, <0.01 ppm for cadmium, < 0.02 ppm for mercury [3]. I've been taking KADO-3 for the past few weeks on beta and look forward to acing my next blood panel. *Citations:* [1]: [The mean peak (12-hour) plasma vitamin D-3 level after the dose was 32% (95% CI 11% to 52%) greater in subjects consuming fat-containing compared with fat-free meals (P=0.003).]( [2]: [In a new paper, serotonin is explained as the possible missing link tying together why vitamin D and marine omega-3 fatty acids might ameliorate the symptoms associated with a broad array of brain disorders.]( [3]:[Certificate of Analysis](
@geoffreywoo Omega 3 oil is commonly used as transportation medium for vitD. However, to be some kind of effective, vitD requires at least a dosage of 5k I.E. daily. How high is the dosage in these little pills where K is added as well? Okay... I already read it. It is just ~2k. This is kind of a low dosage for vitD. Not sure, if this is sufficient to compensate the common vitD deficiency.
@andmitsch 400 IU is 100% RDA, so 2000 IU is 500% of RDA. We wanted a specification that would allow people w/o Vit D deficiency to also benefit from.
@geoffreywoo I think theres needs to be real work done on clear tangible benefits in a very digestable form like 30 second videos. People need to see how normal products compare to your products. Without that, it's too much information for people to digest and therefore too many questions. Before you know it, you lose people. These guys have cool advert. Within 30 seconds you know exactly what you're getting: with your product, unless I do reading, I don't know what i'm getting because even though I had a look on your website, the main problem I found is that you are alleviating the same "pains" as other pills. I.e your omega 3 pill. There's so many high concentration pills out there - let's take Lion Heart for example. Why would people choose your product, over those who alleviate the pain as well? P.S I am just doing this to help. I really think you've got a great concept and if they are better (which I am sure they are) I would definitely invest in them. I'm trying to make you understand something from a general consumers perspective.
@b4dp4ck great suggestion. as you observed, our roots are technical and engineering / first-principles focused. But as our community and audience continue to grow, you're absolutely right that we need to make our message and ideas more accessible and digestible. We'll be ramping up on content and production to better communicate across all mediums including video!
@geoffreywoo Sure, I understand. I am happy to help you in any way. i.e. if you need beta testers etc. Please let me know. Happy to be involved on people who truly and genuinely want to make a change.
Impressive how quickly the @GeoffreyWoo and the Nootrobox team is rolling out new products. Good article on TechCrunch by @sarahbuhr that talks about the KADO-3 (Vitamin D) launch 🚀🚀
@nootrobox When I see again one of your products I honestly ask myself why we are taking the diffucult path. We are using the same body of knowledge. But as we want to use it to cure people our claims and ratio have to be even more profound and solid. But it's so hard to get through when you start to mention those naturals. Even when it was published in Nature doctors still look at it with great distrust. As if there are two types of biology: Pharma brochures and superstition. The good thing, it is slowly changing. Maybe initiatives like yours will pave the road further. Maybe we should do it as well! Get rich first, change the world afterwards.
I ordered the chewable coffee, and didn't like the taste and there was no way to return the product.
@nootrobox two things. 1) shipping to Europe 2) responsiveness of your C&C.
@nicolabortignon @nootrobox sorry about that. we try to have a <24 hour SLA!