RSS Reader with AI to cluster similar content

RSS reader that uses AI to cluster similar content and by that detects trending news. It is especially good for the daily dose of news but you can also read blogs or play podcasts. Clustering works for english and german at the moment.

P.S. Dark Mode πŸ¦‡

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@krisdigital Looks like a great product but the verification emails aren't arriving. :(
@shlema Thank you very much for the info! You probably have already looked in your SPAM folder? I will have a look at the logs and let you know what I find out.
@krisdigital yes, I've looked everywhere. (the email address is
@shlema They actually bounced the email 😱I will send you a test account until I can fix the problem!
@shlema I deployed a fix and I got a confirmation from GMAIL! You can resend the confirmation mail here: If it still does not work (please let me know!) I sent you a PM with a test account..
I run into an error while uploading the OPML file.
Hi @ajeis! It should work now, please try again ✌️