Collaborative notes in your browser

Kinda like a5 ( but for sharing / collaborating. I guess micro-notes is an interesting wee space. A couple of others mentioned before:
I'm very fond of these kind of lightweight products! Reminds me of a5 but with a better usecase for most people. It's great to send everyone a link ad a meeting to make collaborative notes. How does the privacy thing work, do notes get saved forever?
Thanks for hunting us, Marc! :) We really liked a5, but we wanted to have our notes available on all devices. So during this weekend we made Nooot. Some of the use cases we had in mind: -Send some info fast from someone else's device to view it later from yours -Send a link or a paragraph of text from smartphone to desktop or vice versa -Write something down fast, while you’re browsing the web -Create a note (todo or shopping list) collectively Some fun use cases we never thought about: -Collaborative story (keyphrase=Story) -Classic text quest (keyphrase=Secret) Really curious to see how PH community is going to use Nooot.
Thank you. Notes are saved forever, but since anyone who types in the key phrase can access the note, privacy depends a lot on the chosen phrase :) If the key phrase is something like "apple" then the level of privacy is pretty low. If the key phrase is "Nooot meeting 01.22" then it is very unlikely that someone will access that note.