Noon Smart Lighting System

Transform any room with professional-quality lighting

Noon Smart Lighting System is lighting that adjusts with one-touch to enhance how you experience home.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I plan to do youtube videos, however professional lighting is always a concern for me because of my limited understanding of the subject. Is there a way to try out noon at any retail location to get the experience? thank you
Forget bulbs... Noon Home is going after the light switch! The company, which includes former executives from places like Nest and August Home, has been operating in stealth under the decidedly less pronounceable code name, Locoroll. It’s already scored backing from investors like Shasta Ventures, Lux Capital and Sway Ventures. The company’s first product is the straightforwardly named Noon Smart Lighting System.
But what exactly is professional lighting?
@huangdun hi CRI, proper bulb choice with beam angles, 1% dimming etc
@hmurchison what will happen if I don’t use a professional lighting system at home? And what’s the chance?
@hmurchison only one of those can be accomplished with this system
Motion sensor inclusion is nice. I think next level Tech is tunable light. Configurable fade rates would be great. Can’t wait to learn more about Noon.