We've rebuilt from the ground up on Spotify's API — making sure every artist featured on Noon Pacific gets paid for every play.

Expansion from Los Angeles to curators in New York and London allow listeners to capture the vibe from each city around the world.

Each Friday we release a single from our community-built record label on Patreon.

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1 Review5.0/5
But why is it only for Spotify Premium subscribers now and not Apple Music and other streaming services, too?
Johnathan LymanEngineer, Papertrail.com
@benno if I had to guess, it’s because the Spotify API was easiest to meet the “make sure artists gets paid” goal. Apple isn’t known for easy-to-use APIs.
The app is finally back! Any chance you'll lower the iOS version requirement to 10.2? 😅️
Good choice of cities
Andrew TsaoProduct Manager @ Groups
Welcome back you guys! Excited to tune into Noon Pacific's groovy weekly playlists.
Bartek K. SoltysMobile Developer Student
Would love to see an Android app through I'm happy you can at least listen through via the mobile website :)