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Dan Rosenshain@danr_4 · I try to be honest
Just wanted to say this is an Awesome idea, and from first glance looks like great execution.
@danr_4 Thank you Dan! Appreciated!
Dan Rosenshain@danr_4 · I try to be honest
@sibizavic No problem. One quick note - licensing is important. I would have liked to have the different licensing options and summary of them visually accessible in the product page (e.g. codecanyon)
@danr_4 Makes sense. At the moment we have two options on the checkout page (regular and extended license). Thanks for the thumbs up!
Narek Aramjan@narekaramjan · Founder, Storegear
Great idea! Was looking for something like this for some time.
@narekaramjan Thank you! Have fun!
Didier Baquier@didierbaquier
I submitted several plugins to Noodlio. This marketplace is full of great resources. Make sure to check them out.
PH-ers! Refer a friend to Noodlio and get a free theme, template or component for both of you. Have a look here:
Jake CohnHiring@leftearpod · Founder & CEO @ And Chill
Upvoted! Where did the name come from?
@leftearpod Thank you in eternity! We always ate noodles while programming, and we could relate to programming being a bowl of noodles composed of a lot of different components that made a great end product :)