Noodles 2

Cook better with a home for all your recipes.

3 years in the making, Noodles 2 is my essential tool for cooking: instantly import recipes from the web, share recipes, keep notes, and when you're cooking, see just what you need.

Everything is new in 2.0. It's totally redesigned, it's faster and more reliable, and you can keep track of your Grocery List. If you love it, subscribe!

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Added a recipe. ✨ Here is my super macro friendly protein oatmeal recipe: 💪 cc @ayrton
Hey Lachlan! Love it. What are the biggest changes since your first launch?
@nickabouzeid Hey, thanks! The design is the biggest—every page is 100% redesigned. In terms of features, it's got web import (save a recipe from a blog/website), Grocery List (does what it says, plus you can add ingredients directly + use it over SMS), and tons of tiny features to make everything faster (ingredient highlights, quick access to recently cooked, streamlined Collections and sharing).
Is the frontend in React? Using Graphql yet? How trendy are you? (half joke / half interested)
@mscccc 📈😎 Yep! Frontend is React (no GraphQL), backend is Rails. Mostly, using what I can build fast 🙂
Hey!! Awesome work, Lachlan. Love the UI.
@samayshamdasani Thanks Samay 😀