Cook better. A simple app for all your recipes.

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Hey everyone! I'm Lachlan, the main developer and designer of Noodles. I'll be here to answer any questions you've got.
Hi Product Hunters! I'm Taran, one of the co-founders of Noodles. Feel free to ask questions about the app to @lachlanjc and me!
What are you doing to differentiate yourselves from all of the other recipe collection sites out there - plan to eat, copy me that, etc?
@SacBookReviewer We're trying to make the cooking experience easier with a card-based system that allows you to see the ingredients as you cook and the steps in those cards. We hope to have automatic timers, ingredient checklists, and possibly voice control.
As much as I generally avoid cooking (not intentionally, but just because I am usually not in the kitchen), I still love this application and can see myself finding it helpful in the future.
@nhbschr Thanks, Noah!
Really like this. UI is awesome.