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How is product management not categorized here? There are few PM roles available but it's one of the most sought after positions from my observations.
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@rrhoover very true...it's also one of those odd sort of roles where depending on the startup could be quite technical or not so much at all...
@rrhoover @joelle_writes true dat. Also, design? Same here: thin line with some front end developers?
@rrhoover @joelle_writes @vanierrachel Thanks Rachel, I feel like there are better ways to search for designers out there already (e.g., Behance), but I might be wrong. I was focusing more on the office-type jobs.
@rrhoover @joelle_writes I do think about adding Product Managers. In fact, based on your suggestions, you can already add a job in this category, but I have to amend the menu links. I think this is one of the borderline cases, but the "management" part of the job description usually prevails. Do you agree?
@rrhoover @joelle_writes @vanierrachel @zhernovoi imho behance and dribble have not locked up market on jobs for designers.
Very cool!
Cool idea! I just posted a job. UPDATE: It definitely has some bugs. I set the location as California, and it changed itself to Canada. Currently trying to figure out how to fix it.
@jimmydouglas I'll help you out for now and try to figure out where the bug is. Thanks for the feedback! EDIT: I see you've already changed it. Sorry about that!
@zhernovoi Thanks! I actually noticed it happen when I was originally posting and reviewing the job. I went back and changed it, but somehow it still ended up that way after I published. Glad it's correct now!
Hello everyone, I was quite surprised to find nontech.io on Product Hunt today! Glad you like it. I will follow up on any suggestions (e.g., adding new job categories). Thanks everyone!
@zhernovoi I'd love to know some more details.
@misbahspeaks Sure Misbah, what would you like to know?
Another piece of feedback. After posting the job, I received an email with my username and password. Unfortunately that email also included a link to your /wp-admin, which I was able to log in to. If I were completely non-technical and didn't know any better, this would confuse the heck out of me - as it's not the same thing as logging into your site as an end-user.
@jimmydouglas I agree it's confusing to not receive further instruction in the email on how to actually add a job after registering. Thank you, I will edit the vanilla wordpress email templates to be far more user-friendly.