Non-app Mockup

Brainstorm your app ideas on paper

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 09, 2015
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This is my latest weekend project, part of the Non-app collection. I built it to help us brainstorm (and store) our app ideas in a easier way. Hope you guys will think it's useful. Feel free to ask me questions!
@gregoiregilbert between this, your other projects, your business, your blog and your presence in comments, you must be building up your own personal community by now. Amazing hustle, respect.
@ryangum Thanks Ryan! Trying to do as @garyvee head down and chug.
I love this! As a developer and designer, I try to get away from the screen as much as possible (which unfortunately is not nearly enough). This is one more tool that encourages less screenage.
This is a very nice idea. I like the way of getting back to "physical" (no joke please) vs virtual. Plain paper vs Ebooks // Vinyl vs Streaming and now paper design vs mockup tools. I believe the kind of "ritual" behind "physical" things to act as a kind of catalyst for creativity. Well done!
Very cool. I could see this being used in conjunction with Marvel - - to bring ideas to life.
@brandonelwood Thanks Brandon! Indeed
Looks good, but wondering how it differs and compares to free options like
@jesse_wallace Hey Jesse! I didn't know about Sneakpeekit. It looks really good and very close to Non-app Mockup. Although it seems like it's more about providing real size grids (vs N-a Mockup that includes size to make you comfortable doodling your idea). Otherwise, I guess it's an alternative. :)