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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 09, 2015
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Greg GilbertMaker@gregoiregilbert · Entrepreneur
This is my latest weekend project, part of the Non-app collection. I built it to help us brainstorm (and store) our app ideas in a easier way. Hope you guys will think it's useful. Feel free to ask me questions!
Ryan Gum@ryangum · CEO, Attach
@gregoiregilbert between this, your other projects, your business, your blog and your presence in comments, you must be building up your own personal community by now. Amazing hustle, respect.
Greg GilbertMaker@gregoiregilbert · Entrepreneur
@ryangum Thanks Ryan! Trying to do as @garyvee head down and chug.
Joe Walnes@joewalnes · Inventor. @joewalnes
I love this! As a developer and designer, I try to get away from the screen as much as possible (which unfortunately is not nearly enough). This is one more tool that encourages less screenage.
Pierre Vannier@pierre_vannier · Business Unit Manager @Klanik 🇫🇷
This is a very nice idea. I like the way of getting back to "physical" (no joke please) vs virtual. Plain paper vs Ebooks // Vinyl vs Streaming and now paper design vs mockup tools. I believe the kind of "ritual" behind "physical" things to act as a kind of catalyst for creativity. Well done!
Brandon ElwoodPro@brandonelwood · Owner, AppJester
Very cool. I could see this being used in conjunction with Marvel - - to bring ideas to life.
Greg GilbertMaker@gregoiregilbert · Entrepreneur
@brandonelwood Thanks Brandon! Indeed
Jesse Wallace@jesse_wallace · Sr. UX Designer, Dragon Army
Looks good, but wondering how it differs and compares to free options like
Greg GilbertMaker@gregoiregilbert · Entrepreneur
@jesse_wallace Hey Jesse! I didn't know about Sneakpeekit. It looks really good and very close to Non-app Mockup. Although it seems like it's more about providing real size grids (vs N-a Mockup that includes size to make you comfortable doodling your idea). Otherwise, I guess it's an alternative. :)