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As a self proclaimed foodie, I'm always disappointed with Yelp's lack of foodie functions beyond browsing restaurants. Nomwell lets me keep more detailed records for where I've been and where I want to go. It's a foodie's friend.
@startupstella Agreed! It's a handy way for me to keep track of places that I've been and places that I want to go!
Tough market! How do you aim to beat the competition? :)
@bentossell Great question! I think we can beat the competition because of a few important factors. - Some of the more prevalent options out there that can be used for remembering restaurants tend to be too focused on their own main offerings (gathering reviews, aggregating mass opinion, making a market between restaurants and users) to do *personal* well. We're super focused on just that: helping you keep your own useful list and connecting you to personal recommendations (the most valuable kind). - We're also super committed to a seamless user experience. To the point that Nomwell has been in design and development for over a year. We've tested private alpha and live beta versions and have done more than a hundred prototype/empathy/testing interviews. We've also been through two startup accelerators with it. - We have a solid background in tech and business, having worked in VC and being MBAs from Chicago Booth. At the very least, that makes us agile to recognize when to make moves and what moves to make.
Thank you, @startupstella, for the hunt! Hey PH! This is Ryan, the founder of Nomwell. I'm also joined by my product and marketing guy, Sebastian. Nomwell came from two facts about restaurant-lovers: personal recommendations are the most relied-upon source for choosing a restaurant, and almost 2/3rds of us keep old fashioned lists of restaurants in Notes apps, spreadsheets, etc. Nomwell joins these two into a list-oriented, personal utility app for easily keeping track of restaurants and sharing recommendations with your inner circle. With Nomwell you can: - import that old school list of yours - remember where you've been recommended, as well as all the places you've tried - along with the details - organize your favorites into recommendation lists and share them with friends - easily decide where to go using the map, filter, and lists - instantly discover the top spots and favorites lists of your friends on Nomwell
Why should I use this app instead of Foursquare?
Brilliant idea. I always wanted an app that would organize places (esp. personal notes on what 'to' and 'not to' get), without having to post public tips. I have a lot of bookmarks on Yelp. Is there any way to import those into Nomwell?