Get notified when travel plans overlap with your friends

Life is all about the network that you build, and there is no better way to strengthen and build it than through some face time. Keep up with your travel network's plans so you can say nomo to FOMO. See where your network will be and get notified when your travel plans intersect.

Build and strengthen lasting relationships, one trip at a time.

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Hello Product Hunt Kitty Cats, I'm Adelaida from the Nomo FOMO team, very happy to be launching! This is Jeff and I's first tech startup so we're very excited to hear your feedback <3 We started Nomo FOMO after realizing how many missed opportunities we've had of meeting up with our friends when they were in the same place as us or very nearby. Since our network is usually on the road, it was almost impossible to keep with everyone's locations so we created Nomo FOMO. We didn't want to miss out on joining an amazing trip or meeting up when in the same city so we built this to say No More to FOMO (get it? get it? hehe). Once we got started with this project we decided to take it a step further and also added a travel planner that can be used for all trips (group trips and private). Hope this helps many of you strengthen those weak ties over a coffee or a drink and that you get to see more of your friends! Being on the road doesn't have to be lonely :) If you have any questions or suggestions, we're all ears and happy to chat! PS: Android app is in the works and coming soon!
Very cool! Best of luck and congrats on launching!
This is such a cool idea! I can't wait to get my travel friends on here!
Thank you so much @lindslayl Hope you get a surprise meetup with one of them soon :D
Can't wait to see how this company develops!
@danitrov_ortes Thank you!! 😻

Hope to use this in the future!


seems easy to use



Can't wait for you to use it! :D Thank you!