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Would love to see something like this that is automatically integrated with a whois service to check if the domain is available.
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@guy it actually has it...
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@yoavush @guy actually "whois" is just a link to google. May be it should point to http://who.is. Or even better whois data can be loaded using API and shown straight in the Nomino page.
@sevazhidkov @yoavush I meant to have the actual checking so that you know that the name it's showing is available. Kind of like how Panabee.com does it
@guy you're better off manually going to the domain URL first than doing a whois lookup, unless you're ready to buy the domain on the spot. Companies that park domains for the purpose of selling them buy up huge lists from GoDaddy, whois services, and others to know what domains people are searching for.
Good Business Name Generator, yes showing domain availability would be a great feature. I can help you to build that. I have recently release similar tool http://hack.im to generate domain hacks.
@vat_ps wow, that's a fun tool. Great work!
Just got 'gasypoo' recommended ;)
@joostschuur Pyssy was the first thing that showed up for me....
Would love to see a startup actually getting their name from here. They should include emoji startup names too
Has anyone ever named their startup or product from these name generators? I'd love to hear some unicorn on startup grind say "well the name actually came from namewhale and we ran with it."
@1greigcranfield totally. I find these sorts of name generators pretty lame. What sort of criteria are they using to generate names? Here are three I got just now, the connotations with each name are pretty bad: kyke, nuga, lossa