Nomiku Sous Chef Meals

Wave connected meals in front of our machine & eat in 30 min

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Hello Product Hunt! When we created the first home sous vide immersion circulator we got a lot of questions; “how long am I supposed to cook this for?” and “what can I make?” definitely topped the list. We’d wind up doing individual cooking demos for Nomiku owners in our city and even traveled to the White House to show them how it was done. Over the years, I’d also rely heavily on sous vide meal prep to get through my heavy work days (weeks, months) and make bulk meals made-to-freeze for my friends who had new babies or were going through a big life transition. We wished for a way we could replicate our home cooking experience for everyone and dreamed we could ship you the delicious meals we enjoyed so much. We wanted the Nomiku to leap to life and cook for you—as we would. Today that dream is a reality with Nomiku Sous Chef Meals! Our Executive Chef, Scott Peabody, has created delicious sous vide meals we can ship to your home, and they are frozen for maximum deliciousness and nutrition. Our new machines are equipped with a sensor that instantly reads the details in the tag on the bags of our meals to cook your food to perfection in about 30 minutes. We start shipping May 15th to the first 100 members in California that grab a seat at our “Chef’s Table,” see the menu and pre-order. After which we plan for an aggressive national roll out (get on the list), so that we can all eat better together. This new frontier for Nomiku is the culmination of all of our years of listening to your feedback and falling deeper in love with the magic of breaking bread together. I hope to cook together soon. Thank you for being part of the adventure! Thanks for checking us out!!
@lisaqfetterman This is awesome. I truly didn't understand the value of services like this until my son was born. It was a major life change event and I now get why people need something like this. Since my husband loves cooking and we love going to the farmer markets, it's still hard to transition to someone else's recipes and ingredients. Do you have any plans for integrating or working with other sources of recipes (like Serious Eats for example)?
@ayemoah Thank you so much! I know, having babies mang.... they really need to come with a starter pack of food for the parents straight out the gate. I wrote a book called "Sous Vide at Home" that has translated some favorite classic recipes. The good news about Sous Chef is that yes it reads meals but you can also use it as a stand alone connected sous vide device for your own recipes!
I've been waiting for someone to do this. So excited! 🎉👏 what's the aversge price point going to be per meal?
@kallefreese anywhere from $10-16, the meals are modular so it's all to your tastes! I'd love for you to join the first 100 Kalle! Please sign up at
Are all the meals gluten free or is there a gluten free option?
@annebot We got gluten free options! All meals are modular so you can build around your own diet and lifestyle.
@lisaqfetterman @annebot As someone with really weird restricted diets I REALLY appreciate this
Can't wait for Scotty to roll out many more menu items.
@gsvpioneer Awwwww YIIIIIIS, Chef Scott is the GREAT SCOTT
I love my Nomiku 1st Gen! It's still going strong and made some amazing short ribs for Easter. The best part was that instead of braising for hours on the stove and having to worry about an unattended open flame, I could just walk away and let it bathe for 72 hours. Even better, I used​ the stove and oven to make other dishes. #cookingopportunitycosts
@asong408 You're so kind Andrew!!! I LOVE hearing about yummy wins!! Thanks for checking out the Nomiku Sous Chef on Product Hunt.