Nomie 4

Open-source mood and life tracking

#3 Product of the DayAugust 17, 2019
Nomie lets you quickly and privately track your mood, and anything that might affect it (sex, drugs, work, etc).
Nomie 4 is open source under the MIT license and can store data locally, or encrypted in the cloud w/ Blockstack
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I've been building Nomie for nearly 5 years. Once a proprietary native app for iOS and Android - I've since decided to port it to SvelteJS as a progressive web app and release it under the MIT license.
wow! this products looks super cool man! Much love from Singapore 🇮🇩
it's #Awsome. App
Like the concept, it's sometimes really hard to understand relations between all things that happened in our lives. Think this could help !
@ousmane_ndiaye Thanks Ousmane! I started this journey building Nomie for exactly that purpose - to find out what triggers what. After 5 years: - I know I need to avoid American gluten, but non-american gluten seems to be fine. - I know that sleep is insanely important for my mood. - I know I need to cut back on drinking ciders during the summer - I know that my depressive periods never last longer than 3 or 4 days. I've also tracked WAY too many seemingly random events that have happened on the same exact day a year ago, that I feel like I found a glitch in the matrix.
@brandoncorbin Wow that is very impressive ! Congrats for reaching such clever learnings ! By the way, I am wondering how do you overcome the user friction due to the massive effort that is requiered from your users ? I mean, to be relevent your app needs to be "feed" with a lot of data I guess... How do you encourage your users to be regular in feeding the app ? As a user it is often the reason why I drop off this kind of app... Anyway, I think I will try yours since it seems very interesting ;)
@ousmane_ndiaye 95% of people want to track, 5% will actually do it long term. I focus on those 5%. The act of tracking is the key, taking a 2 second break from life and capturing how you're doing - that by itself is what's important. Hell, you could do it with a spreadsheet, notes, anything. I just wanted the experience to be super fast. That being said, like previous versions, Nomie 4 will eventually have the means to import external data. I just need to figure out the best way of handling it, now that it's browser based.
@brandoncorbin Wow interesting numbers , thank you for sharing ! I hope I could reach the the club of 5%... :D
I've been using something like this for a few months ( This seems a lot more powerful than it. I've already put it in my daily commitments, lets see how it plays out. It's great to know it's open source, and the codebase seems super simple so if i miss something, github is my place to go! haha