NOMATIC Backpack

The most functional backpack and travel pack ever

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Fit your office on your back with NOMATIC Backpack and move it wherever you want or just travel! Both the Backpack and the Travel Pack are waterproof, have convenient full-perimeter zip for easy access to the contents from all sides and are designed to match your business style or just comfortable to carry on your long distance trip!

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Adam Posey
Adam Posey@trulyadamant
Kickstarters make me wish we had a downvote button. If the only requisite to landing on producthunt is to have a slick video and concept so you'll all purchase into products with absolutely no guarantee that you'll ever receive them, then I think they're taking up space that folks who have actually produced a product could be using on this site.
John Alexander
John Alexander@johnalxndr · Growth @ shoflo
@trulyadamant I agree with this... I keep finding myself disappointed when arrive at these products on here...Maybe a different category for crowdfunded products? 🤔
Adam Posey
Adam Posey@trulyadamant
@johnalxndr or at least label them. It's called ProductHunt not "cool video hunt"
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson@neurohacked
@trulyadamant Normally, I would agree with you but the company that is making these backpacks have proof that they can/will deliver: Of course, there's always still going to be some risk, but having previous projects that you have delivered on significantly decreases this in my opinion.
Adam Posey
Adam Posey@trulyadamant
@neurohacked the point is this is not a product you can buy. That they have delivered in the past is something you may or may want to take into consideration, but it doesn't change the facts. I cannot, today, purchase this product. It is not a product. It's not even truly available for preorder. It is available for investment, with the knowledge that you might lose your money and never see it. It doesn't belong alongside actual products you can purchase today as though they were equals
J Keith Hall
J Keith Hall@jkhallatl · Co-Founder & Developer, theWTFactory
@trulyadamant I think the PH staff does a good job of vetting the featured products here. It's not like every submission makes it to the front page
Mohamed Yunus
Mohamed Yunus@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
Super cool. Announcing the offer! All the travellers who complete an order on their travel with gets to have this sexy backpack 🎒 as a reward 🤘🏻 Hey @producthunt, is it absolutely fine or am knocking down any of your rule ?
Anthony Da Mota
Anthony Da Mota@akdm_ · I upvote things that matter.
@tweetyunus For me, this is totally fine :)
Mohamed Yunus
Mohamed Yunus@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
@akdm_ Aha! Nice Man :)
James Futhey
James Futhey@futhey · Product Design Consultant
@tweetyunus On it :)
Mohamed Yunus
Mohamed Yunus@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
@futhey James 🤘🏻
Humphrey Yang
Humphrey Yang@humphrey_yang ·
Looks sleek, I like the minimalistic design and that the brand name is discreet/ not an eyesore. The video is a little long for my taste, are there some 30s-1m videos you can use for FB ads etc that just showcase the main features? Also, where can you get this? Is it only kickstarter?
Peter Freeby
Peter Freeby@peterfreeby · designer, curator
The moment anyone makes a bag that isn't fundamentally an advertisement for people to buy more bags I'll buy it. Till then, not interested.
Brandon@brandonmars · Använda - Creative Director
@peterfreeby haha Peter, if you are a man of your word visit
Morgan Crozier
Morgan Crozier@morgan_crozier · Entrepreneur
So many backpack startups... But none of them compare to my Osprey Farpoint 40. Can't beat that lifetime warranty either. Not really impressed here, but fancy video.
Brandon@brandonmars · Använda - Creative Director
@morgan_crozier because of course there is 1 bag for every person. Have you tried the nomatic, I haven't either but don't think it is fair to them to just dismiss their product