Travel expense tracker for nomads

NomadWallet is a travel-centric expense tracker, allowing you to create a trip with multiple currencies and make your trip paperless by snapping all of your receipts.

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Hello Hunters and Makers,👋 We are Minho and Winnie, and we built NomadWallet app to help people to track expenses for each place they go. 💡 We came up with this idea 2 years ago while doing a 6-month-honeymoon as backpackers🎒, and we could not find a good app to track our expenses without resetting the data every time we moved to a new country. A year ago we decided to learn to code and NomadWallet is our first app ever. We’ve been building this app for more than 2 months, including many days for fixing bugs and editing features. 😀With NomadWallet 📱 you can: - Create a trip with multiple currencies : say you are in Thailand - you can add expenses for Pad Thai in Thai Baht, as well as business-related costs in Singapore dollars, and show expenses in your home currency. You can add up to 5 currencies per trip. - End receipt clutter: snap the receipt and save its photo when you add expenses during your travel. - Quickly check how much you spent in your own country's currency and local currencies. - Quickly view your expenses by trip, month, day. You can see your daily average spend on the trip to have better control of your money. - Create a future trip and add your flight ticket or accommodation costs. - Add your beautiful travel photo🏞 to the home screen. - Customize categories to suit your needs 😀What’s in the NEXT version? - Split an expense in several ways - Wallet sharing feature - Currency converter We hope you can now spend less time managing your expenses and focus on enjoying your beautiful trips. 🏖 Built and tested by travelers.🎒 HUGE thanks to the Women Make and Makers' Kitchen communities. The support from you leads us here.🙏🙏 Let us know what you think in here, and don't hesitate to ask even the craziest questions. I and Minho (the introvert guy 😳) will be around to answer. Let me introduce you Woori😻, the mascot of NomadWallet. Thank you!❤️
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@nhuphan0404 Congrats on your first launch Winnie and Minho! (And Woori 🐱) I LOVE that you learned to code so that you could solve your own problem. I totally suffer massively from receipt clutter so am excited to use this and go paperless. Great job!!
@stephsmith Thank you Stepth <3
@nhuphan0404 Congrats on your launch, Winnie!!
@venikunche thank you Veni <3
Congrats on your launch @nhuphan0404 and @minhoko. 👋

I have been used the NomadWallet app since it was in beta, the app solves the problem of tracking travel expenses in a very simple and effective way. I also like the clean and beautiful UI of the app.


Tracking travel expenses in multiple currencies



Thank you for trying out the app and gave us very helpful feedbacks that we can improve on the next version :)

I saw it on App Store and then contacted makers for suggestions, they listen and improve it quickly! It has a generous free period which you can fully see it yourself and buy for a really small amount to support them.


Currency and tags in mind - Good user experience - Made by travellers - From day one was a decent solution and keeps improving every week



Thank you @morajabi, we really appreciate your feedback on Appstore, they were very helpful, and worth for us to edit features. love to hear feedbacks from travellers. meow 😻
Possible for an export to pdf feature? Would be awesome for travel claims
@tingyan_trive yes, great feedback, many users also asked us about an export option. 🙌
@tingyan_trive Thanks for your feedback.😍 We will consider that feature for upcoming version too 👍
I need for Android please! Can it also scan my messages and pick up the sms sent by the bank once I use my card so that it can autocompile?
@nextstevejob: yes, the most popular question is when are you going to make android version ? we for sure will do. for the latter, we are not sure but will put in on the list, wonder if you use card frequently when you are traveling from country to country? does it mean we have to work with many international banks?