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#4 Product of the DayApril 09, 2019
NomadSpace is a free app that helps nomads and remote workers discover the best workspaces around the world.

* Upfront prices in your local currency πŸ’΅
* Powerful search filters 🎯
* Handy workspace reviews 🌟
* Quality over quantity πŸ’Ž
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18 Reviews5.0/5
Howdy hunters! As digital nomads and remote workers πŸ€“, we got tired of trawling sub-par websites to find our next workspaces. We built NomadSpace to bring together what matters to us when looking for a new space: * Upfront prices in your local currency πŸ’΅ * Powerful search filters 🎯 * Handy reviews by verified users 🌟 * Fresh, accurate data 🌱 * Quality over quantity πŸ’Ž What's coming soon? A map view of your workspace search results, workspace-specifics such as internet speed tests, written reviews (not just star ratings), country-level statistics & data, breakdown of trending workspaces, and offering free day passes with workspace partners. We’re adding new spaces every day; though it’s a big world out there and quality is our top priority. Platforms: iOS-only. Android & Web coming later this year. Please register for Android Launch Updates at: Contact: reach us below, or at Excited to be sharing it with you - and thanks for your time! πŸ™
@nomadspace @edward_beecroft do you have an interface to submit places?
@egor_kunovsky Hey Egor, thanks so much for your message - and a great point! In most cases so far we've reached out to workspaces directly and offered to onboard them (for free), typically after researching a location and deciding which spaces offer the best value. We've always focused on quality - and this approach, whilst not the fastest - has supported that goal. In addition to the above, workspaces can (and do) email us to request that we add them. Of course, with the coworking industry growing so fast and great spaces popping up all the time - moving forward we'll want to look for something more efficient and sustainable (we also want to increase our global coverage, which this would aid). One of the options that might support this notion is indeed to allow workspaces to submit their data for review - so we'll be looking into that 😊 TL;DR: Workspaces can request to be added. Currently no interface for submitting workspace data, but maybe soon! πŸš€
@nomadspace @edward_beecroft Nice!! Looking forward to Web too 😎
@nomadspace @minhoko Thanks Minho; we're excited too! We tend to announce product launches on our new Facebook page, you can track our progress there! ->
I feel like the UI tries to look like airbnb a bit too much.
@dominicreiterer Hey Dominic, really appreciate your thoughts. We're currently using a design agency - and have noted this for discussion with them πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
This is great, well done! Looking forward to see internet speeds mentioned. Also, it would be useful to see my currency as the default currency (instead of the local currency). Great resource to plan our trips around!
@kevin_joling Hey Kevin, Thanks so much for your feedback and kind words. By default, the app selects a base currency according to device region. If you create an account you can select from 150 world currencies via Account -> View and edit profile -> Change currency. Hope this helps! 😊
Lovely product. Clean UI, functional, and focus on quality is evident. Map view of nearby workspaces would be great.
@ridwan_ Hi Ridwan! Thanks for getting in touch. The map view is one of our most requested features; and it's scheduled for our next sprint! πŸš€
Ohh nice! The interface is slick & intuitive to use. Pink definitely stands out too! It's nice that the places are also curated for quality, which would massively take the pain out of looking for somewhere decent to work.
@harry_richardson Hey Harry! Thanks a million for sharing your thoughts! We're glad you like the app and our design choices. πŸ™ Excited to push out more features in the coming months - watch this space! πŸ‘€