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#5 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2014
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Hi Product Hunt! Happy to be here again. As usual, I have done a little write-up on this, let me know what you think: https://levels.io/build-a-commun...
@levelsio I like the way you do that - with each launch you do a great write-up, which in itself I know to be a fantastic little marketing gem. I've been meaning to setup a blog to tie together all my various projects for a while - I think you've just convinced me to git'er done On another note... how do you juggle so many different projects? I have about 4 things on the go at the moment and with Startup Weekend Perth coming up again in 3 weeks time, I'm probably going to wind up with something else on my plate soon.
@rossdcurrie It's challenging for sure, but it helps that I've automated most of the previous products and they run itself mostly. The ones I'm most passionate about and see most reaction to I try and focus on to grow and develop further. Obviously anyone sees for me that's the ones that are related to the explosion of the remote work movement now. But I have a few more products upcoming that have nothing to do with that either :)
@levelsio Yeah, the 'common sense' seems to be to focus on one project, and I know @rrhoover wrote that post on Side projects the other week, but I've always had a few things on the go. I know sometimes the split focus does affect the outcomes a bit, but I think you learn to effectively juggle. For example, I just picked up a consulting client this week, so I know I have about a week and a half before I get busy focusing on their project, which means I have a deadline for getting a couple of other projects over the line. And we all work well with deadlines, right?
@rossdcurrie @levelsio thanks for the mention, Ross. My essay was specifically about startup side projects but I encourage people to take on personal side projects as well. That's how Product Hunt started. One thing I'll mention though is that some people get side project ADD and never finish anything.
Would have loved to play with the product, even a Discourse.org setup would be fantastic to start.
@ryanckulp It's live already! Check your inbox for your invite :)
And Levels strikes again. Dude - you're building some awesome stuff.
Have been a nomad off and on (currently "off," having signed a lease for the first time in my life earlier this year) and over the years this would have been incredibly valuable at many times. Never had any channel of dialogue with other people living that kind of lifestyle and it seemed like most of the information out there for "nomads" was written by people trying to turn a profit rather than genuinely dispense advice and engage in discourse.
@caro Exactly! I'm trying my best to change the the digital nomad scene from one known by "escape your 9 to 5, buy this ebook that will change your life and sit on a beach all day!!!1111oneone" into one of creative and talented people doing work they love in places where they're most inspired. If that means moving people from a village in the Netherlands to the city of New York, that's great. If that means moving people from San Francisco to a tropical island in Thailand, that's great too. Wherever you do your best work and/or are most happiest, you should live I believe. I'm starting to see the change in character in this scene though. With this nomad stuff hitting Hacker News and Product Hunt more and more, I'm seeing developers, designers and startups now consider re-locating too. That's really really awesome. For me, it all comes down to simply helping people realize their increased mobility and creating products to support them in that. That's what I'm trying to do with this, http://NomadList.io and a few other products I'm building. Times are changing, I can feel it :)
Wow - Levels is killing it. I thought gifbook.io was amazing - then this came! @levelsio - Just sent you an email too! :)