Nomadic Space

Curated resources for digital nomads

A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Digital Nomad lifestyle. Consisting of tools, platforms, and other types of useful resources under more than 10 categories, Nomadic Space is your guide to achieve the successful nomadic way of living.

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Best of luck! Nice job.
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I want to build a resources webpage like this one or similar, but don't know how to code but I could set up a wordpress of so. Do you know of something I could use?
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@danirogerc We built this with Wordpress CMS. You can choose any theme that suitable with this format. Good luck!
Really love the slick design!
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@supert56 Delighted to hear this 🤘Thanks!
Very well curated. Congrats and wish you all the success!
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Thanks for hunting @themanfromspace are you a digital nomad? Have you found it useful?
@abadesi Hey. Yeap, it has been almost 3 years, and I wanted to start Nomadic Space to inspire/support future digital nomads.:) It's absolutely useful. We are continuously updating the project to make life easier for digital nomads.