Disposable & reusable travel kit for travelers & nomads

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The most complete travel kit to help you make your awesome next trip safe and prepared.

Julien Hany
Gabriel SoHappy
Harry Dry
  • Pros: 

    Nice Landing Page. Useful Items. Perfect Present for a traveller.



    Really Like the product and idea.

    Harry Dry has never used this product.
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Carlos G.
Carlos G.Maker@carlosecgomes · Visual Designer & Frontend Developer
Hi PH, We've all been there: You just arrived at this awesome destination when you realize you can't find that one item you reach for every time you travel. It's frustrating, we know. Besides, as a frequent traveler, your health has to go through numerous sacrifices such as poor hygiene, changes of routine, inevitable little cuts or bruises, all for that breathtaking experience. We are travelers ourselves so we know the struggle, that's why we went to work and hand-picked the most complete and international travel kit to help you make your next trip safer and ready. Use code PH2017 to unlock 10% OFF plus Free worldwide shipping. Ends on Nov. 28th. Thanks