Livestream to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers

NomadCast is an iOS app that lets you stream LIVE and stimultaneously to Facebook, Twitter & any website/app you want.

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Hey guys! Tim, co-founder at NomadCast here - I’m really excited to submit NomadCast to the PH community! Timing is… ah well timing is what it is :) We’re a team of 5, based out of France, self funded, and we’ve been quietly working on this for the past year (at a time when it was a far less crowded space!). NomadCast is a neat little app that will let you stream LIVE simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter and any website you want, through embed players. As opposed to other streaming apps, we use landscape format. The live player is actually embedded *inline* in your social timelines, so your Facebook friends and Twitter followers can watch you live, directly from the posts. And all their social reactions (comments, likes, tweets, retweets, add to favorites) are gathered and displayed real-time in the app, so you can engage with your audience. Worth noting: you can choose to stream on Facebook as « yourself » or one of the pages you manage - which has been very popular amongst businesses who tried the app. Last but not least, broadcasts are automatically recorded & saved in the cloud (that can be changed in the settings) - no duration limit nor expiration date, and when the live goes off-air, the player swaps for the recording. So none of your friends will miss the action. That’s about it for the big picture! We have quite a lot of features to play with (zoom / flash /A/E lock / mute, etc.), as well as a « private mode » and the ability to resume your broadcast anytime. Think of it as a « tool » to entertain your social circles on different networks. It’s very good at showing stuff to your existing contacts, probably a little less at helping you gain new followers (at least for now). We’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback! So let us know what you think of it :)
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Lovely idea ! Downloading now :)
Cool product, how's it different from Meerkat or Periscope?
@dwaynesamuels Hey! Good question :) Well, for starters, NomadCast lets you stream to Facebook (& fan pages) - not just Twitter. And on desktops, the inline embed player makes for a pretty awesome viewer experience (we’re working on replicating that on mobile). And then, I guess it’s mostly a matter of « use case » : Meerkat & Periscope work pretty much the same way does: by default, your broadcast is public; anyone can see it. So your audience will mostly be people you don’t necessarily know. Viewers will stop by because they got attracted by your stream thumbnail, not necessarily your content - so it’s great if you want to gain new followers. Not really if you want to share content with a restricted audience. NomadCast works differently: it’s a tool to entertain your existing networks: friends & family if you share on Facebook, professionals/followers if you share on your website or Twitter. You kind of decide who’s going to watch by choosing where to share :)
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Great idea !
If posting to Facebook is a differentiator, how do you plan to compete with Facebook itself. They already started live streaming for Celebrities and though I am not sure, I guess they would be rolling out the same for businesses and individuals as well. I got one more question. Who are your target customers as the younger crowd is already moving away from Facebook? BTW, a great product and I guess could be leveraged well by business pages on Facebook.
@das_vicky Excellent point. After meeting with them a couple of months ago, we understood Facebook was quietly probing that space - we just did not know how they would enter it. And you're right, eventually it makes no doubt they'll roll out FB Mentions capabilities to everyone, and it's quite clear existing solely on Facebook will not be a viable option. We're now iterating to leverage social networks (that includes FB), in a mutually beneficial way: still contributing to their welfare, and also helping us grow a real community. i.e, adding network capabilities to the "social" tool we have today. To be perfectly honest, we're still monitoring stats and making sense of the numerous use cases we're seeing. That will drive our deciding how to evolve :)