Auto-update your Twitter Location from Swarm

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Hey all, one of the makers here. Would be awesome to hear any feedback you have and if it's useful for you? Cheers! Noel
Yes! Finally! I use Foursquare. I use Twitter. I travel regularly. This makes complete sense. Bon just told me about it, Noel. what's next for the product?
@darrenux Hey Darren, that's awesome, same case for all of us :) So I think we want to hook in Tripit at one point to denote flights ("In transit - SYD - BKK") and do other smart stuff (multiple destinations/sources), but it's been a fun weekened hack to say the least, thanks again!
Ah, nice little tool. More people have tried to nail this kind of thing before; none took really off. Would be cool to have some end-point to for personal site?
@eelcojellema Hey Eelco! Thanks for that feedback. We just created it for ourselves but made it open (because why not), so it'll be around for a while :) Personal end-point has been mentioned a few times internally, definitely a good idea. How would you use it? Cheers!
@noeltock np. Endpoint could be as simple as some json output. Also an unique/presonal page could be helpful to send to my mother :). was a start to this.
@eelcojellema Ha, true that :) I actually set something up for my mom using Zapier E-mail & Swarm together, works quite well. Open endpoint will still be built though!
Linked up my twitter and Swarm, will see how magical it does things next trip away!