Nomad Zones

Working remote? Get overlap times between you & your client!

Timezones are a drag, but remote work shouldn't be. So I built Nomad Zones to let me get overlapping times between me and my client(s).

I plan on adding multi-client support soon. I'd love to hear from you (fellow nomads) about what you like, don't like, and what you'd like to see next! :)

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This is so useful nice work @nikhilwins. I like the design you chose - clean white background, super minimalist πŸ™‚
Great job !! Definitely worth using it out !!😊
This is super helpful with a distributed team, one suggestion is adding some kind of design treatment to indicate the core hours that overlap - something that help to visually distinguish those are the optimal times for meeting.
@katiesobray Thanks for the suggestion Katie. Something to indicate the overlap would definitely be helpful. Will do.