Nomad Train

Travel on the Trans-Siberian with fellow Digital Nomads ✈️

an adventure of a lifetime! We cross countries on a train with 2-3 day stopovers in major cities.

Key route of 2017 and 2018 is Transsiberian railway, Moscow to Ulaanbaatar.

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If you're wondering why you might want to travel from Moscow to Beijing, this Vimeo answers that:
And if you're wondering about whether there is Wifi on the train, what the itinerary is or have questions about the price, check out 🚂
Great idea! I have added this event to our epic list of nomad events:
I've wanted to go on the trans-siberian trip for quite awhile... kind of thinking I'll plan it before or after the 2018 world cup (provided my friends and I can get our act together for that trip). Using community to increase travel opportunities is something I'm always a fan of..
@drewmeyers we might repeat this in 2018, stay tuned!
The first edition of Nomad Train closes application deadline in 1 week. Still time to join the adventure!