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Get SMS anywhere while traveling.

Hello fellow nomads!
I've been traveling the world for a while now and I always had the same problem: getting verified on websites via SMS.
That's why I built Nomad Text, a simple website where you can rent a phone number and get the SMS in your email.
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I hope someday Korean govt allow to sell phone numbers on this nomad text!


You can get phone numbers in the world!


Hardly any!

Boris Berenberg
Atlas Authority
Most of these services have issues with getting texts from short codes. How have you addressed this issue?
@imatincr Hello! It should not be a problem but I'm gonna check. Thanks a lot!
Hello everybody! As the description says, while traveling I found myself many times trying to get verified on websites or apps via SMS, sometimes I did not have access to the SIM card I used before nor had mobile data. That's why I built Nomad Text, an easy way of renting a phone number and get SMS directly to my email so I don't have to worry about SMS verifications anymore while traveling. I hope you find it useful! N.
Dexter KimI love to build new products.
Think it’s absolutely good for digital nomads, it’s great that you don’t need to download a separate native app to text like all those other services and that you can just check your text in the browser itself.
@dextersxlab Thank you 🙏🏻
The price is very reasonable. To me however, it lacks application. All my 2FA are done via Google's app. I'm also able to receive text messages on my number (for free of course) in most countries. Looks like your site is helping people already so that's positive and kudos on you!
@footer Hello Amin! Thanks for checking it out!!
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