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Nomad lets you find, book and pay for flexible workspaces from their app. At the moment Nomad is just focused on London but you can suggest cities they should expand to on their website.
@marsh931 great work! Would love to collaborate with you guys!
@agreenwaldhq hey Adam, thanks for you interest! Please get in touch with who would be really keen to further discuss any collaboration. Cheers!
I genuinely am always annoyed at myself when I'm in London because I never know where to work! I always end up in Yum Cha cc @ems_hodge This looks like a pretty nice site/app How does it compare to others in this space?
@bentossell Hi Ben! NOMAD would be happy to help you out next time you're around London. Just give us a shout! Two things make us different from others: 1. We facilitate the whole booking process, making it quick and easy for both parties 2. We are growing the NOMAD Community with our members (the Nomads) Have a great day!
Looks pretty but not convinced this is genuine nomad experience. Soho shows some hotdesks in £25-£50 range but with £7,800/m spaces in there it seem more like estate agents jumping onto the nomad bandwagon.
@tomflemming Hello Tom, thanks for your interest - we understand how you could feel that way. We’re transparent in our listings and we don’t take any fees. When on our website, you have two options: either you book one of the spaces listed that fits your needs or we can help you find another workplace that is suitable for you. Let us know if you have any more feedback.