Nomad Proof

Generate unlimited onward travel plans in 10 seconds

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2017
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Thanks @john_asbury for surprise hunting! @ninjapreneur is the brains behind this operation! NomadProof quietly launched last week to our network of travelers and digital nomads. We're happy to answer any questions!
Hey this is a clever idea! I loved it but, can I get into troubles if airlines find out it is not my ticket??
@rohillion @jennjenn can you answer this please.
@saifalfalah @rohillion While I won't say that you *can't* get in trouble, making up onward tickets is a time-honored travel hacking/digital nomad tradition. Your results may vary. At your own risk, Vote your conscience, etc.
Love it. Travel hacking at its finest.
Is this intended to give you the ability to get through security without having a flight booked, @jennjenn?
@rrhoover Not exactly. You're not using this ticket to check in for THIS flight specifically. When traveling internationally, you're often required to show proof of onward travel if you have a one-way ticket. Not every country requires it, but many do and nomad-types tend to book a lot of one ways and make decisions about where to go next as their visas run out. NomadProof is just giving you the ticket to show you're planning to leave the country. You're never actually flying on this ticket!
Nomad here / fly c. 70 flights a year. I like the idea and have hit the "onward travel" wall a few times - either by not having the ticket when departing, or on arrival. I've always just purchased the onward ticket there and then (pull out laptop/buy/show). Typically the countries that have required it from me are not the ones I'd want to get in trouble with. I think it's a cool hack/side-project, but doubtful of it as a business (and wouldn't be surprised if Stripe shuts you down in the long run).
@noeltock thanks for the feedback. We've got quite a bit of competition, I like to think all we're doing is selling itineraries - but defo something to think about. Hadn't considered the Stripe thing tbh
@noeltock I have one question for you: how do you make money for all those flights and travellings? 😄