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When I visit your site from my phone, I'm redirected to detectmobilebrowsers.com. Is this a bug or a feature? (The site says I'm using a mobile device, but I already was pretty sure about that.) @62flavours @thomwensink
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@neuling2k disable JavaScript 😄 you're welcome
@neuling2k @grooveplex @62flavours @thomwensink not your fault - it is the shitty bootstrap detection for scroll-spy that does the redirect, which is why turning js off is working around it. @thomwensink I do not even see scrollspy in use on the page. Get rid of it and lighten that shitty bootstrap with a custom package :D
@grooveplex Haha, definitely a bug. Thanks for the feedback guys @andmitsch @neuling2k @grooveplex! @thomwensink will be working on it to fix it :)
Hey guys! It's been some time since we posted and we've improved the platform bigtime, take a look and let me know what you find. To read more about the process we're in check out the blogpost! http://blog.nomadprojects.io/sta...
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Hi hunters, With a small team of nomads we spend the last months building the product in closed beta. Nomad Projects is a platform for digital nomads who want to start a side project. Connect with other nomads so ideas don’t stay ideas, but grow into a side project with mixed expertise. The idea started when we ourselves had problems finding a fellow nomad that was open to a sideproject. We had a lot of knowledge on different spectrums, yet we needed the missing link to actually start: in our case a back-end developer. Thus we came up with the idea of Nomad Projects. To find or join a fellow nomad that complements your own skill set so that together you can bring ideas to life. If you guys have any questions let me know, I would be glad to answer. Thanks @deambulando for the hunt!
@thomwensink Can I filter by city?
@angelomilan Hey Angelo. No, this isnt an option just yet but it sounds like a good idea. Perhaps we'll implement this!
@thomwensink @angelomilan as for me it's must have option.
@thomwensink So how do I register? Facebook registration tells me that app is still in dev mode 😬 While email registration crashes with 500 error 😱
@tpaktop Hey Maxim, Thanks for mentioning it. I just solved this, you should be able to register now ;)
Great guys and professionals deserving all the best! Big support from Barcelona!!!
Cool project by @thomwensink @62flavours and Frank Beentjes, I've been somehow involved in the process since I was one of the beta testers and personal pain in the ass to them :P Side projects concept. You got some spare time? Want to find a new project to be motivated? got many ideas but lack of some expertise? Nomad Projects then is for you, give it a try it's all for free. Meet new friends or maybe get millionaire, who knows? ;) I wish I had this when I was travelling all over the world!! Kudos team!