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Love the design of these.
The inline... It's so beautiful.
Hi! My wife and I are the owners of Nomad. Thanks for taking the time to check out the collection. Let me know if you have any questions or want more information about the watches, brand or Kickstarter campaign.
Its funny how your design is a "cure" to the oversaturation seen in the watch industry, but your design, and that of Linjer and that of Swatch, all go for the same curves, the same markings, and the same length. While I do love your design, I think its a member of the new oversaturated, kickstarter-based, online watch industry. I hope you see this comment and try to strive for varied shapes, different textures, and other features in the future. Best of luck!
Hi @0gishere , Thanks for the feedback. The watch does have a minimalist aesthetic but we have worked hard to ensure this watch is like no other. Although not immediately obvious (and possibly hard to tell from the above images) the watch has quite a few unique features not found on other watches. For example:- - A textured case (reminiscent of cast iron) - Bevelled glass that warps the markers when viewed from the side - A unique strap connection utilising a one piece leather strap and a custom engineered backplate. This gives the appearance that the watch floats on the strap when viewed from the side - Every detail is custom right down to the chamfered crown and custom clasp - I would argue that the case is a unique curved shape and although simple the markings are unique to our watch The images on the Kickstarter campaign page probably highlight some of these features better. You can also find an in depth review of the watch here that discusses some of these features: http://www.wristwatchreview.com/... I will try and update the above images to better show off these aspects of the watch. Hope that helps :) Alan & kelsey.
@atmoore81 Wow, thanks for the thorough answer! I can totally see it now haha. Looks amazing! Let me know if you guys ever need help with design, either for your website or the watch itself. Would love to be a part of this :D
Awesome idea. I have one also: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Please feel free to check it.