The easiest way to explore coliving/coworking retreats

nomad(hubb) is a simple interface for exploring coliving and coworking retreats around the world.

Filter monthly trips by date and location, or discover unique choices (coding bootcamps, rare places, etc.). Visualize trips that are 3+ months, coliving spaces open all year, and events for nomads.

  • Pros: 

    Clearly well thought out and based in experience. Very approachable to people like me with little/no experience as a digital nomad


    Would like to see the price info like the 'Top Trips' have for all trips

    I was genuinely surprised at how easy it was to find an amazing place to work out of for a month. As someone with 0 experience as a digital nomad I always thought it was really difficult to organize but I'm kind of blown away by how easy you've made this step. It's never something I thought I would consider but I will definitely be coming back to this site to window-shop until I finally work up the courage to do it :)

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  • Lezlea Talbot
    Lezlea TalbotCreative Developer, Founder

    really easy to use, nice and clean site - love the filters!


    I'd love it if the site gave a brief overview of each rather than going directly to the site

    Love the filters, being able to see a variety of options within the parameters I'm thinking of rather than having to Google specifics and search through everything myself!

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Steph Smith
Steph SmithMaker@stephsmith · NomadHubb + MYGA + Eunoia + FeMake
🙋Hi PH! I'm Steph and I'm new to the maker scene, but I'm so excited to be here. 💡After nomading for 2+ years, I wanted a tool that organized all digital nomad retreats in a simple way, that inspired others to try them and start working remotely. The problem was.... I had no clue how to code. So, back in February, I set out on a very rocky mission to learn full-stack development, which I've very candidly tracked here. 😬9 months and many excuses later, I finally focused in August and built my vision of a "hubb" for both promads and noobmads, where they can happily explore trips, draw inspiration, and get a glimpse into how this space is growing! 😍I specifically wanted a tool that aligned with how people tend to make decisions when choosing a retreat: location, timing, and length. - Have a month of unplanned travels open? Sort by date. - Always wanted to go to India? Dying to see Africa? Search by location or continent. - Planning on really taking the plunge? Check out 3+ month options like Remote Year. - Taking your business to the next level? Find specialized trips like coding bootcamps or trips that give back. - Looking for flexible options? These businesses offer coliving on-demand. - Hoping to meet hundreds of other nomads? Check out remote-focused events. 👩‍🚀So, here is nomad(hubb)! Through this project, I’ve developed a love for coding and a deeper appreciation for the nomad community. Also, big thank you to @marie_dm_ for setting up the Women Make community. 🙏Let me know what you think, including retreats or features you'd add! I'd love to hear feedback from everyone.
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff@anthilemoon · Entrepreneur
@stephsmith Huge congrats on the launch! 🙌
Steph Smith
Steph SmithMaker@stephsmith · NomadHubb + MYGA + Eunoia + FeMake
@anthilemoon Thank you so much @anthilemoon! It was so much fun working on the project. I hope that you find it useful. ☺️
Marie Denis
Marie Denis@marie_dm_ · 👩🏻‍💻 • 📖
@stephsmith congrats Steph! The first launch is always the most exciting 🤩 And I’m proud you’re a part of Women Make!
Steph Smith
Steph SmithMaker@stephsmith · NomadHubb + MYGA + Eunoia + FeMake
Thank you @marie_dm_ ! It is definitely exciting. So lucky to have the support from you and Women Make 🤗
Lezlea Talbot
Lezlea Talbot@lezlea · Creative Developer, Founder
@stephsmith Massive congrats on the launch 😃 I love how clean and easy to use it is, you know me... I love filters!! I'd love it if on rollover I could see a bit more info (the price, location, or whatever other data is relevant) before I clicked through to the external site - that would be amazing!! Great resource for the community, thanks Steph!!
Roman Arellano
Roman Arellano@romanarellano · Founder of Accounting Hunt
Congrats @stephsmith! I was looking at the retreat in Peru - Unleash surf. I didn't know it existed.
Steph Smith
Steph SmithMaker@stephsmith · NomadHubb + MYGA + Eunoia + FeMake
@romanarellano I'm so glad you found a new retreat! There are so many new options popping up these days. Enjoy Peru!