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Today is a good day :) After many late nights and an unimaginable amount of coffee, I'm proud to introduce you to the new and improved Nomad House! Not only have we boosted the site's stability we also gave it a much needed facelift plus added a few cool new features. We're also bringing something amazing for the digital nomad and remote working community, Nomad House Retreats! On these retreats you'll have the opportunity to work, collaborate and explore with other like-minded nomads. We're very fortunate to be a part of the Product Hunt community. To show our appreciation for the opportunity to be hunted and to all the awesome members, we'd like to give everyone $50 Retreat Credit for registering. This can be used on any upcoming Retreat, including Lisbon!
@atudotio nice, the update looks very slick!
For the first time I can see how the "digital nomad" concept is going to expand beyond it's niche and into the mainstream. Will be exciting to see. Nomad House feels like Airbnb for the working nomad.
@taykcrane I really appreciate it, thank you so much for those nice words. We will keep pushing further and further. Can we use it as a testimonial?
@atudotio sure! On my long term to-do list to join one of these.
Nomad house retreats is changing the way people live and work. I love the idea! Having spent a few months at various co-working spaces in Bali, I can see a real need for a ready made Nomad House. In particular, reliable internet, a co-working space with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to meet and a living space (all in one) . Congratulations!
@paul_s_kemp Thank you so much for your support. Do you have any feedback from other co-working space that you made? :)
I know how much hard work you have put into this, congrats on the launch! Looking sharp πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Œ
@meseali Thanks for the help you provide me with your course and everything ;) I learn so much things
Congrats on (re-)launch @atudotio! Nice upgrade from v1! Though you might wanna look into some big visual bugs on os x safari. :)
@eelcojellema Thanks for the support ;) I don't have any visual bug on safari. Can you send me screenshot at info@nomadhouse.io ?