Nold Open

Smartphone controlled garage door & gate opener device

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I read "nold open" can work with an (i)beacon. Is this secure? Beacons are not secure agains piggybacking, cloning and hijacking. Are you using thirdy part sdk/libraries to protect your bluetooth connections?
@enzo_dell_aquila We are using our own solutions to secure the connection between the phone and the device. We worked really hard on this and we came up with really clever solutions :)
@passatgt you wrote "secure the connection between the phone and the device" but what about beacons? Does your solution work with any beacon? How can you secure connection between unsecure beacon and your solution?
@enzo_dell_aquila iBeacon only notifies your phone when you get close. Everything else is handled by the app and theres no sensitive information transferred between the beacon and the device or phone.
@passatgt you wrote [ ]: "with iBeacon, your gate can open automatically when you arrive". In your answer, you said "iBeacon only notifies your phone when you get close". This is not clear. So, my questions are: 1) where is the iBeacon? In the car or in the garage? 2) which hardware "reads"/"listen for" beacons? Nold Open or the phone? 3) can you describe how all this work? beacon - smartphone app - nold open ... 4) what if in my car I have the iBeacon **BUT MY SMARTPHONE IS OFF**?
@enzo_dell_aquila The Nold Device works as an iBeacon, which is inside your garage. Your phone is listening for the beacon. If its in range, you'll get a notification on your phone. Optionally you can enable auto-open, so when you see the notification, the garage door will open at the same time. Theres also geo-fencing for auto-open, so it will only open your garage when you're arriving, until you leave again.
This is a brilliant product! Congratulations on your ProductHunt launch! This "opens the door" to have as many garage door openers as you have smart phones in a house hold! Also... With the advancements in syncing personal smart phones with vehicular built-in dashboard touch screen computer displays... The process could be simplified to tapping the dashboard built-in touch screen! This is definitely the future of garage door and gate remote controls! Have you considered pitching this to companies such as Ford? See: Anyway... I hope this was a good comment for you to read! :) Thanks for inspiring me with your great product. Jaswinder Brar.
@jay_bee12345 Thanks! Actually, its not just for garage doors. You can configure the operation mode for each output on the device to support Open & Close mode, Impulse mode with various impulse length and more. So it can be installed into sliding doors, magnetic door locks or to extend the functions of your keypad entry. We are working on integrating it with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Also, theres an auto-open function which is perfect for cars. When you arrive home, it can open your door automatically for you without touching your phone(only works when you are arriving until you leave, so we can eliminate unwanted opens when you're staying home).
@passatgt Sounds like you have a lot of doors opening for you! ;) Have you considered integrating your technology into magnetic/keypad door locks acting as barriers in Hospitals? This would be a COST-EFFECTIVE solution rather than "Card Access Control Systems" in Hospital wards for staff (They all carry smartphones anyway). See: Also See: I'm an optimist and I definitely see the potential for your great product as a HealthTech Solution also. Your product may also be effective at secure entry workplaces... You could eliminate "Card Access Control Systems" altogether. Please discuss at your discretion. Best regards to your success! JB.
Hey everyone! I’m Peter, co-founder of Nold. We launched our Indiegogo campaign a couple of days ago. We worked really hard on this product in the past year to create the best bluetooth gate opener device and i think we succeeded, but we need a little help to move things into the right direction. Please check out our campaign page and see what Nold Open can offer for you. I created a secret perk just for Product Hunters only. Use to see the perk. Happy to answer any question you might have!
@passatgt Hi there. First of all - great idea and concept; congratulations on getting to funding stages so quickly! One question - what made you go with Bluetooth? I've built my own home automation system using Wi-Fi as it's faster, more convenient and less prone to random dropouts than Bluetooth. The inexpensive ESP8266 chipset has been key to getting something up and working relatively quickly.
@jamiequackers Hi! Thanks for your question. We thought really hard about what technology to use and we selected Bluetooth for multiple reasons: Super easy to configure for end-users(no need to configure wifi passwords, connect to networks, no pairing in you phone settings etc...) Provides great security features and easy to build upon them. We spent most of the work on making it secure as possible and it was a lot easier and faster with Bluetooth. Could work completely offline Drains your phone battery a lot less compared to Wifi(with BLE, its almost insignificant)
Do you have an API? I want to be able to use this to send a disarm instruction to my security system when I reach home. Also, what is the range?
@truvoip Hi! Our API is currently for key sharing and revoking access. For example, someone creates a booking on your bed&breakfast site, they could receive a key for the room / apartment automatically with expiration date set. An API to control and manage the device itself is still work in progress. We integrated lots of security features both in the device and the client itself and this makes things hard to give other clients access without compromising safety. The range is at least 50 meters(around 160 feet), but it depends on the placement. If theres a clear view to the gate or garage door, we measured up to 100 meters in some cases.