Nokia 215

<$29 phone w/ Facebook & Facebook Messenger

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 06, 2015
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Standby time: 29 days (>^.^)> <3 <(^.^<)
@mikelholford bought my mum a Nokia 106 for Christmas: 30 days standby. It's actually a fairly common spec of budget Nokia phones
@ideasasylum Yup I remember my old brick. It's just super refreshing seeing that figure again :)
Should be noted that it's not 3G or Wifi so reading Twitter would be pretty slow over GPRS. That said, I'm tempted to get one as an emergency phone
As always, no availability ... sigh. Classic Nokia.
As awesome as having a smart phone is, I do miss the classic phone days a bit
Yup, gps would be great. These phones would be great for modern fleets.