White/background noise to relax or focus

#5 Product of the DayDecember 30, 2019
Hello everybody! Noize was a fun personal project that I built in React to help people relax. Many people have worked on the art and music on this website so please check the credits in the about section of the website to find them online. Cheers!
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the link doesn't work for me :(
Hey @something_whatever! Supper sorry for that I'm reworking the stack right now. The website will be back up tomorrow.
@something_whatever website is back up now! Sorry for the downtime.
Please let me know how I could improve on this, as I'm just starting out with making products, and also if you would like to contribute the project is open sourced ( Hopefully you find this useful. Cheers!
@kartiknair it seems to be down right now, could you please look into it?
@amrith thanks for the @. Am working on it and the website will be back up by tomorrow
@amrith the website is back up!!!
@kartiknair Hey could you add a feature where one can go back while continuing to listen to the ambience? Also: many of the art works dont seem to match the sounds.
Love the art work! I use white noise often while studying and will give this a try.
Love the art :)
The art is lovely! "Medieval Town" definitely needs some more wagons rattling around and blacksmiths clanking. 😜