A beautiful music-making app

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This is rad:
Crossfader (cc @seth) is also a fun music-making app on the iPhone.
@rrhoover @seth Yeah Crossfader is pretty cool! We want to an event of theirs in London a few months ago!
Hey! Alex here from Studio Amplify! A few years ago me and my brother set out to reimagine how music is created and help more people experience the joy of making music. We wanted to re-define what a song was, moving away from a more traditional static compositions, creating a new form of music that can be re-interpreted on every play. A new visual instrument which would allow an entire piece of music to be performed all in one interface. Also, it was important that it was accessible. A lot of people are put off music making software because it look intimidating and so it was important that NOIZ looked and felt amazing to play. We want to help inspire a new generation of musicians – whether they can play an instrument or not. This initial release is just the beginning of what we are planning. Over the next few months we will be adding more content and editing features moving towards a full track builder later down the line. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think! Alex
Gonna be sweet when you can fork someone else's track.
@hitmaxup It's a feature we're working on.. coming soon!
I can finally mix