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Stefano MerloMaker@stefanomerlo · Founder, Noisli
Dear Product Hunters :) I am Stefano, co-founder of Noisli, and I am happy to share with you the launch of the official Noisli Android app. At Noisli we are a very small team, and we’ve been working so hard to release this new addition to the family. The development has sometimes been very challenging but maintaining our high quality standards was the absolute top priority for us. The development is an ongoing process and there might still be some glitches along the way, so any feedback you might have is very precious for us and for our mission. As a reminder, Noisli is already available on Web, iOS, as Chrome extension and now also on Android. Thank you all :) Stefano
Jamie Akers@jamiequackers · QA Engineer and Geek, Hitachi
@stefanomerlo Use this in a silent office space nearly every day - it's the best thing to improve concentration. Big thanks to you and your team and congrats on the release of an Android app :)
Stefano MerloMaker@stefanomerlo · Founder, Noisli
@jamiequackers Dear Jamie, thank you so much for your support and your wishes! So happy that you find it useful :) Thanks again!
Julian Lehr@lehrjulian · Working on something new. Xoogler.
@stefanomerlo Yesssss! Finally! 👏
Stefano MerloMaker@stefanomerlo · Founder, Noisli
@lehrjulian Thank you so much for the support Julian! 😊
dimitar inchev@idmtr · Team Coworkies &
Finally on Android :) Now I can listen to my weird combo of rain + propeller on the go :)) Congrats on the release Noisli team!
Stefano MerloMaker@stefanomerlo · Founder, Noisli
@idmtr Thank you Dimitar 😉
Bastian Kroggel@derkroggel ·
Just purchased @noisli and it is definitely a very well composed app with - hands down - one of the best curated sounds available on the market. Nevertheless 200MB for a app is quite a high number - wouldn't it be great if we could choose which sounds or combos we would like to store for offline access and delete the unused files?
Stefano MerloMaker@stefanomerlo · Founder, Noisli
@derkroggel Thanks for the feedback Bastian! Of course we didn’t want to compromise on the audio quality in order to shrink the app size, but on the other hand we will definitely look into a solution to further optimise the size.
JJ@just2jays · Full-Stack Web Developer
Yes! Use the Chrome Extension daily for white noise at the office...finally can use it on my commute as well.
Stefano MerloMaker@stefanomerlo · Founder, Noisli
@just2jays Yeah! 👊
Stefano MerloMaker@stefanomerlo · Founder, Noisli
@rrhoover Yay Ryan! We finally launched the Android version of Noisli 😃