Noisli (iOS)

Background noise generator for working and relaxing

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Quick comment to say I'm loving Noisli!
Hi, I am the founder of Noisli, a background noise and colour generator for working or relaxing, including also a text editor for distraction-free writing with Markdown support. The web version ( has been launched in Sept. 2013 and the service is now available also as universal iOS app, featuring a Timer and the ability to save your favourite sound combinations. Noisli is mainly used as a concentration booster during work by developers, bloggers, writers, students, translators, and also by teachers during creative writing classes. It is also being used to relax during the day and as a sleeping aid by night, and used to help with hear damage recovery or Tinnitus.
@stefanomerlo This app has saved our lives with a new baby. She responds so well to our proprietary combo of Pink and White Noise and immediately calms down. So great. Thank you!
@stefanomerlo I know this post is a few years old already, but I can't seem to get a reply from you guys anywhere: Why is Noisli still not optimized for the "new" iPhone 6/6+ screen sizes?
Looks really cool, although the app is pretty darn big at ~250MB!
Thanks Adam! That's because you can play sounds offline with no need of internet connection
@stefanomerlo gotcha, cool! Would be nice to have the option to play offline but have the original download size be much smaller. Cool stuff nonetheless, great work!