Noisli 3.0

Your digital place for focus

Noisli is your digital place for focus.
We provide background sounds that help to mask annoying noises in order to help you work and relax. Get inspired by our playlists or mix and match different sounds and create your perfect sound environment.
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Hey Product Hunt, it's Stefano from Noisli. We are excited to introduce Noisli 3.0, a complete redesign and rebuild of our Web app which provides a cleaner and better user interface and some great new features. Some highlights: * New UI * Introduction of Pro and Business plan * 12 new sounds * 7 new curated Playlists * More space to save your favorite sound combinations * Shuffle and Oscillation * Advanced Timer Features and Stats * Word and Character counter We’re very happy that something we have been working so long and hard on, can finally be shared with everybody. We hope you’ll love it!
I loved this app from the first time I came across, in 2015 I believe.. 🤔 Sounds are spot on and quality is excellent, it really works. Kudos, guys :)
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@nevena_sofranic thank you very much for your kind words and for sticking with us
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I'd really like to try this, because it seems really cool, but I can't register... Keeps giving me 504 errors.
@vjekoskarica yes, unfortunately we are experiencing some problems.. but we are on it, bear with us 🙏
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@stefanomerlo No problem. Good luck! I'll check it out later for sure.
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502 Bad Gateway
@levi1 sorry for that! would you mind trying now?
I like Noisli Google Chrom. It was free. The first favicon was nicer))