Pandora for SoundCloud

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I built this so I'd have fresh tunes to listen to while I work. Started out as a side project but blossomed into a legitimately fun way to discover new music and always have something playing :) Think Pandora for Soundcloud - based on a specific track you like or a broader genre you select. Feedback appreciated!
Loving this. Sometimes I get stuck on a song and it's awesome to have a soundtrack for your mood on-demand!
Disappointingly, this just uses the recommended section of Soundcloud. Nice use of the API, though.
@dandgough Thanks! Goal is to expand into a more thorough recommendation engine, but SoundCloud do a pretty good job of this already... It also branches out suggestions as you listen to each new track, so it's a little different to just leaving the SoundCloud website playing. Now to go and navigate their ToS to make sure they're OK with what I'm doing :)
Any reason for no previous track?
@brandoncarte Going to add a play history so if you hear something you like, you can go and discover more.
Play history is a great addition, would also love to be able to heart the tracks I like and have them added to my favorites on Soundcloud.
@livejamie Soundcloud integration is now live :)