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If you ever looked at your Spotify app, trying to find something to listen to without having to check out every possible playlist, you probably need this app.

Noiseblend leverages the powerful Spotify API to bring you music recommendations in a more personal form.

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Thanks for hunting @alin23 @mssandu, I'm a fan of the Discover Weekly recommendations. How does your product take personalization even further than that?
Hi @abadesi! I'm a fan of Discover weekly myself! ✨ But I can't rely on it for specific activities like reading or working out for example. Yes, I know that there are quite a lot of playlists for those activities, but I wanted something more personal. That's what Noiseblend gives you, always-fresh playlists generated using the same technologies that Discover Weekly uses, based on what you like to listen on that specific occasion. That, and an easy way to customize those recommendations based on attributes such as Danceability 💃 or Acousticness 🎸. Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without the powerful API that Spotify provides. We're not reinventing another AI, just borrowing theirs 😄
@abadesi @alin23 Love the UI! When you say "borrowing theirs" for the AI, are you doing any playlist manipulation on your end? Or are you using a Spotify Endpoint that crafts a playlist based off of some parameter?
@kevinguebert We're mostly using the Spotify `/recommendations` endpoint for the playlist generation. We're also doing some basic playlist manipulation like a custom ordering algorithm and some fiddling with the seed parameters for `/recommendations`. But no machine learning stuff is done on our part. This would require a huge database with user behavior data and I'm trying to keep as little data as possible about the users.
@alin23 Awesome work! Thanks for sharing!

Really like the app and already excited to discover new music with it.


Ease of use, clean interface, cool music discovery


none so far

Can't connect my Spotify Premium: Internal service error?
@reymarr_zamora_hijara Hi! We are experiencing some problems with our database and we'll be back as soon as possible. We are really sorry for this!
@reymarr_zamora_hijara I'm still working on fixing all the errors. There's a database connection limit that breaks the service from time to time. I'm hoping on fixing it today.
@reymarr_zamora_hijara the database problem and other small issues have been resolved. You can use the app now 😇 Though there are still some issues for users where Spotify just launched and most of the recommendations come as not playable for their country ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still, if you experience any error/issue, please tell us how it happened because sometimes your words can be much more helpful than an error traceback. We simply cannot predict all the use cases from the start.
Setup the bookmarks but eveytime I launch one I am getting individual artist albums?
@jfinkelstein What you are seeing is the album of the first track generated. This is the only way I could open up the Spotify app through a URI, by opening a specific album or artist. But if you'll look in the queue, you'll see that there are songs that won't be from that album. Those are the blend tracks. Sorry if this sounds misleading, Spotify doesn't give me a way to open the queue with an URI so I had to find a workaround.
Somewhat related (I was hoping this would solve it)… I haven't been able to find an app to present Now Playing music in a more visual, playing-on-an-iPad-in-the-kitchen-in-the-background way. Sort of like the music visualizers of yesteryear, but probably way more simple and elegant. I thought MusicMatch might do it, but no, it's really just about lyrics. Anyone found anything like that?