Discover great photo locations all over the world.

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you like photography? NoFilter shows you the best photo locations around the world so you can discover all the amazing corners of the places you visit. No more “I was there but never saw that”. No more missing out.
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Keep doing awesome stuff.


Super easy to use and helpful if you like to take photos


I’d like the app to start at my location in the map (by default it takes you to Europe). Not a con but a nice to have

Thank you so much for your feedback! We considered that option at first, but since in this early stage we don't have spots in every major city, we show Europe instead. But that's something that may change in the short term. Thanks again!
Hi PH! This is Noel from NoFilter, a small team of 2: 1 frontend-mobile developer (me) and 1 UX/UI designer (@danimanzotti) Why did we start working on this? We have both experienced the same situation before: scrolling down boringly through our social media feed until reaching an amazing picture that made us stop and wonder “wait, where the hell is that?”, and this has happened with pictures from distant places that we have visited as with pictures from our own city. “How come I have never seen that before?” “Where is that exactly?”. The features: - A map with 1.500+ spots around the world (we are adding ~100 every week) - Collections in which to save the spots you love and plan future trips - A way to keep a log of your travels by marking spots as visited - The ability to propose new spots by uploading your own photos - To follow and be followed by other users The PROS: - Quality content ensured through a detailed curation process - Exact GPS location of all the spots - Free - Available both for Android and iOS The CONS: - Spots quantity: even though we have over 1.500 photo spots published, we still have many countries nearly empty. This is in part due to the curation process, that slows down the publishing time, but don’t worry, there are more than 10k photos on the way - Translations: currently the app is only translated to a few languages, with some translation errors. Slowly, we are fixing those errors and working on other translations. If you have any thoughts, please write a comment below. Feedback is what helps us make things better!

Would be nice to have a general time-line of recent uploads to help discover of people to follow. A biography to breifly explain who what and where a photographer is from. Ability to import from Flickr, Instagram, 500px to quickly get an account populated.


Useful to find locations to focus on taking a good photo on a trip, strict upload and moderation policy to ensure quality.


Requires a login at the start. Map Satilite view by default

Kyle, thank you for taking the on commenting here! It's really helpful! - You are right about the Login at the start. We are really considering giving the user the possibility of using the app with no sign up process at the start. After your comment, I decided to add it to the backlog. It may be considered in a couple of releases. - The Map Satellite, your are right! I absolutely forgot to add the switch button! That will be ready in next release for sure. - We already considered the time-line of recent uploads, but due to it may become a bit verbose in the near future (for example, in the last 24hours, more than 150 spots were created), we decided to not implement it, and only having a Feed (the Home button in the navigation bar) similar to the Instagram feed, where you only see what your followers are uploading, saving on collections, etc. What we are considering right now, is sending a weekly (or maybe monthly) email with some summarize about the new spots added to the app. Not sure how to implement it yet. We'll have to think more about it. - The biography in the profile is a MUST. I agree. It's already added in the backlog, may be ready in ~3 releases (we are releasing every week, aprox). - Finally, the importing process. We actually already implemented it, but then we realized that most of the photos uploaded from those platforms doesn't have the GPS location set, so the UX was really really awful, due to if the user imported 10 photos, then she needs to set the location manually for 10 photos in a row. The first implementation was not THAT good, so we removed it, but we may consider giving it a second change. On the other hand, we decided to allow the user to upload 1 photo at time because that may also help us to ensure that users upload only the best content, with no spam. Here we really prefer to lose some pictures, that receiving bad quality content (which slow down too much the curation/moderation process) Thank you a lot for your feedback! Really helpful! We'll be talking about these points! Thanks!
@kylewelsby, we just released a new version adding your 2 proposals: (1) the button to switch between "default" and "satelite" map, and (2) now it's not necessary to login to see the map. Hope you enjoy it!
Love the concept but the signup wall killed it for me :( Highly suggest letting the user in to browse a bit first, then ask for signup during certain actions requiring an account.
@maxmzd Brain, thank you a lot for your feedback. Since in the past 24hours we received this feedback a lot of times, it's going to be implemented in 1 or 2 releases (so, maybe next month should be there :D).
@brodanoel that's great to hear! I've had lots of success using this method in my apps. Conversions rates go way up and you get deeper funnel analyses.
@maxmzd we just released a new version that the signup is not necessary anymore! Thank you a lot for your feedback!
@brodanoel amazing! Just updated the app. Great work! This is a very useful app. Will be telling lots of my photography / travel friends about it. Keep it up!
Absolutely love the UI! Would love to see some sort of leader board for users who share more locations. Users might be hesitant to share their secret shooting locations.
@lachlankirkwood Thank you so much for your comment! I agree, gamification/stats is one of the top 3 features pending in our backlog. We didn't implemented it yet because the ratio of users uploading content is too small (so, the dashboards are going to be too empty). We may need to focus on improve the engagement before creating a gamification or stats dashboard, due to most of the people use this app only 1 or 2 times per month. So, I believe that our next priority will be something like: 1. Improve Engagement creating some kind of "Spot of the Day/Week" notifications. 2. Stats/Gamification. Again, thank you so much for you comment! It's going to be used to re-prioritize the backlog, for sure.
@brodanoel Sounds like a great roadmap, looking forward to follow the product 👍
@lachlankirkwood thanks for your feedback, it’s really helpful! Regarding the UI, I aimed for a sober yet modern look and feel that highlighted the beauty of the photo locations but didn’t compete with them. I’m glad that you liked it! :)